Eye Sea Posters sources original vintage posters from around the world and makes them available at affordable prices. Our collection is handpicked with an emphasis on design.

We specialize in Polish film posters from the 60’s and 70’s by artists like Jerzy Flisak, Maciej Zbikowski and Maciej Hibner and upload new stock to our site regularly.

Polish posters seem to have a style all of their own and we love their amazing and often bizarre artwork. During the communist period in Poland the state controlled the film industry and established artists were commissioned to design film posters. Unlike most film posters, the use of photos of film stars or film stills wasn’t mandatory, and most of the time even the main actors’ names didn’t feature prominently in the designs. The artists had to convey the essence of the film in their designs and were given artistic freedom to do so which led to some truly original posters that are sometimes surreal and often have a satirical sense of humor.

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